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    Our dedicated job board lists only dealer specific job positions and qualified candidates who have expressed interest in working in a dealer oriented career path, so you can find good people to fill your openings faster, easier, and for free.

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    Sharpen your employees’ skill sets by offering specific training in a variety of areas and formats. We'll make it easy to assess skills, assign courses, workshops, seminars, and track everyone’s progress and performance.

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    View our Dealer specific resources, including videos, printable learning material and much more. Our library will improve your efficiency, aid your sales and increase your profits. We give your dealership the advantage needed to be successful.

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DealerPeople® - Dealership Learning Management System

And Much More...

Give your dealer family the variety of training they deserve.  Created by industry insiders, DealerPeople Learning Management System (LMS), or Dealer Learning System (DLS), lets you control what topics, how often, and how much training you give your teams.  You will also have access to detailed reporting to see everyone’s training progress.  Our all-in-one LMS is turn-key and extremely user friendly.  Discover the difference with DealerPeople University… Learning Outside the Box.

Having the perfect training system for your employees is great, but you still need to find the best candidates to work for your dealership.  Not only does DealerPeople have the most vast and comprehensive training portal for the Dealer World, but we also have the largest Job Site in the industry.

We go far beyond just filling positions. Created by insiders with long-term, successful careers in the automotive industry, DealerPeople understands the car business. Our knowledge and connections allow us to focus on finding the perfect match for qualified candidates seeking the best dealership positions available.

Forget the time-consuming process of posting positions and keeping track on multiple job-hunting sites. Our network of recruiting partners puts dealers in touch with hundreds of potential qualified candidates all in one place. Connect directly with applicants, set up interviews and even track the entire hiring process.

Unlike competing sites, our services don’t stop after the final interview. We’re focused on long-term success, and that means offering organized training and productivity tools that motivate and engage teams in attaining new performance goals and ultimately increasing growth.

Ready to get in the driver’s seat? Hold on tight, because we’re here to help you register with DealerPeople University or post your first job opening today.

If you are looking for dealership positions, or a career in the automotive industry, rest assured you have found the best free job search engine and job posting site for Dealers with DealerPeople. Click Here to post or apply to your dream dealership job.