With our learning model we make it easy to assess skills, assign
coursework, and track employee progress and performance.

  • Customizable


    Training your way. You control what topics, how often and how much training you give your teams.

  • Efficient


    Learning design allows elimination of content that the learner has already mastered, saving them time and effort.

  • Powerful


    Training anytime, anywhere with our mobile app. Keep your employees engaged in training with our competitive Gamification integration.

  • Accurate


    Track progress of individuals, departments, and dealerships. Be as detailed or granular as you see fit for training reporting.

  • Dealer/User Benefits

    Extensive Learning Library

    DealerPeople works with industry leaders in dealership training, and software vendors specializing in Dealership programs and tools, to offer a comprehensive library of content that is growing every day. Whether you want to introduce a new sales technique, master new software, or learn about this year’s new vehicles, our library offers a centralized hub to manage and track learning. Next Feature

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  • Dealer/User Benefits

    Multiple Content Formats

    Choose from our wide variety of course formats such as interactive videos, assessments, live workshops and written articles to allow for flexible learning options and different ways to improve upon skill. You can customize and even personalize course formats as a Dealer when assigning training to your teams. Next Feature

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  • Dealer/User Benefits

    App LMS, Notifications & Reminders

    As a User, you will receive notifications on your phone when a new course has been assigned to you by your manager. The DealerPeople app will also send reminders to help you complete your assigned courses by their due dates. Next Feature

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  • Dealer/User Benefits

    Assign & Customize Courses

    Dealership managers can select courses and assign them to whole stores, departments, or individuals. Dealers and Users can personalize and customize course selection which saves time by providing relevant content specific to the User. Next Feature

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  • Content Provider Benefits

    Exclusive Network Exposure

    DealerPeople has an extensive network of 3,500+ Dealers. By partnering with DealerPeople as a content provider, you are increasing your visibility and presence to exactly all the right people, all in one place.
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  • Content Provider Benefits

    Inbound Marketing and Promotion

    DealerPeople promotes you within by offering special pricing from “content bundling” which bundles you with complimentary content. This offers increased exposure, sales and increased margin due to lowering your cost of promotion. Upon providing new content, you have the opportunity to be highlighted in The Learning Center as a “Featured” content provider which allows your material to be the first thing viewer’s see upon log in. Next Feature

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  • Content Provider Benefits

    Reputation and Promotion Growth

    Users can rate and review your content and material so you will be able to track and record how well each piece is received. Furthermore, this allows your reputation and visibility build through positive ratings and user referral. DealerPeople features content searching by a “Highest Rated” option, giving you the opportunity to stand apart from the crowd.
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Trusted Partners

DealerPeople offers training courses from some of the top names in the business with proven training
and productivity tools trusted by thousands of dealerships.

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Automotive Industry Training

Training Outside the Box

You’ve landed a great hire, and you’re building a stellar team. Now let DealerPeople™ help sharpen your employees’ skill-sets and surpass performance goals through our many car dealership training options. Our packages and tools help assess skills, assign courses and even track your employees’ individual progress and performance.

From Leadership, Motivation, Personal Development to Sales, HR, Service skills and more, DealerPeople’s comprehensive catalog of automotive industry-focused training programs stand out from the crowd. Because our curriculum and materials are based on years of sound industry expertise, you can be confident that our programs will add tremendous value – and bring positive results to your team.

If DealerPeople were a vehicle trim package, we’d be the fully-loaded option. In addition to our dealer training packages, we also offer a library of proven, best-in-class tools, videos, assessments, surveys and other resources that will improve your dealership’s efficiency, aid your sales and increase your profits. We search the industry, sponsor contests and generate articles to give you the leading advantage.

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